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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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as the owner of the american cheese group. so and i understand jeremy complained when the school of rock kids was a problem. i've got letters of support from the local association and, of course, henry helped me >> do we have all those letters of support? >> and these are are the letters letters of support from american grilled cheese and the spy -- >> so can i ask you. >> couple of questions. this is music once a month and if it is rain urging to do this
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anyway? i'm joking. does anyone live on the alleyway? >> no. >> you do school of rock? >> not any more. >> that's too bad they're really good. >> if we bring them back it's going person.
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>> i'm the only manager who works weekend days but if he are on vacation we wouldn't have a band booked. but i have a handful of other managers that run the place and all of us would be on the same page we would agree with the - everyone agrees with even the police department. we set the levels and keep it
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that way. if i might add i did speak go briefly with approving the first day of the first of those 6 dates and, of course, my main certain is to be a good neighbor and get along with my neighborhoods. i know we can do both and i want an opportunity to approve that. and i hope you guys grant that. i have one certain and we are i believe the first in the neighborhood to ask for something like that. and i know that concerns some of our neighborhood associations that i've reached out to and i i know it concerns the commission. i'm hoping that we will have a - i'm hoping to have a fair shake
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to earn this on our own without any kind of fear that may come to past with further applicants >> i don't think that's how this commission operates. and if he approve we'll approve one and because united states daylight hours between 10:00 p.m. if there's not any problem after 1 you can come to the commission staff and they would would or do it administratively. why don't you take a seat. any public comment on the loudspeaker plan?
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>> my name is peter since i came to support the amendment. i work near that >> and you're wearing one of their shirts. >> i was hoping you would have this granted and i play acoustic but i've you know, i think it's a great thing during the daylight hours. i don't know what they're asking for you came in support of them >> thank you very much. any other public comment? >> seeing none, none public comment closed. officer changing you're up >> good evening simon representing the station.
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at this point we don't object. and in addition we ask that the applicant provided contact manager and phone number for eachville date and perform the neighbor of each upcoming event >> thank you. questions of the officer? okay. thank you very much sir, >> thank you. >> the question before us is to grant a chocolate is really good. to grant a loudspeaker permit for saturday june 15th and if
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that goes well, to grant the balance of the permits and the police asks for a phone number and to contact the neighbors and let me - let them know >> i move for the first saturday june 15 to approve that permit with a manager and phone number provided as well as notice to the neighbors. >> we have a motion do you have is a second? >> how are we going to ask them to inform the neighborhood? >> that's their problem we
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don't have to babysit that. >> he's been having these - these have been going on for a while i don't think there's a big problem. >> are we ready? >> this is to approve that permit with the police conditions as well as the manager and phone number and to inform the neighbors (calling names) congratulations. before we go to the next item think the agenda i want to bid a fond farewell. we appreciate and everything you've done so far and lotsz of fun in you're next endeavor and
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to welcome dorothy as our next a l u representative and we ladder to working with you so there (clapping) okay item no. 7 the commissioners questions and comments. commissioner acres anything in >> commissioner perez. >> i would like to dissolve the ad hoc commission on the discussion on how outreach will be presented the two committees and i think we're ready to make the recommendations for the next meeting. >> it's resolved. >> you bring the recommendations and then you resolve okay.
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>> commissioners lee. >> nothing this week. >> i wish you all have is a pleasant save memorial day. >> we had a benefit through david office and we were able to raise $14,000 that paid their permits and all the money on behalf of the permits about 5 thousand dollars went to a translating organized that is definitely in need of the money. >> good for you. under new business so let's adjourn to june 4th is that, too soon the discussion about the cameras. please talk to the city attorney and a can we have that and if the city attorney feels like
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they have to show up can we make that so they don't have to sit around and wait >> if i run into any delay i'll let you know. >> if you run into any issues june 18th then? any new agenda? >> i would like to present the unvialing of the report get our tickets now. >> okay asking any other imply business requests? seeing none, we're adjourned
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>> hi. welcome to san francisco. stay safe and exploring how you can stay in your home safely after an earthquake. let's look at common earthquake myths. >> we are here at the urban center on mission street in san francisco. we have 3 guest today. we have david constructional engineer and bill harvey. i want to talk about urban myths. what do you think about earthquakes, can you tell if they are coming in
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advance? >> he's sleeping during those earthquakes? >> have you noticed him take any special? >> no. he sleeps right through them. there is no truth that i'm aware of with harvey that dogs are aware of an impending earthquake. >> you hear the myth all the time. suppose the dog helps you get up, is it going to help you do something >> i hear they are aware of small vibrations. but yes, i read extensively that dogs cannot realize earthquakes. >> today is a spectacular day in san francisco and sometimes people would say this is earthquake weather. is this earthquake weather? >> no. not that i have heard of. no such thing. >> there is no such thing. >> we are talking about the
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weather in a daily or weekly cycle. there is no relationship. i have heard it's hot or cold weather or rain. i'm not sure which is the myth. >> how about time of day? >> yes. it happens when it's least convenient. when it happens people say we were lucky and when they don't. it's terrible timing. it's never a good time for an earthquake. >> but we are going to have one. >> how about the ground swallowing people into the ground? >> like the earth that collapsed? it's not like the tv shows. >> the earth does move and it
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bumps up and you get a ground fracture but it's not something that opens up and sucks you up into haddes. >> it's not going anywhere. we are going to have a lot of damage, but this myth that california is going to the ocean is not real. >> southern california is moving north. it's coming up from the south to the north. >> you would have to invest the million year cycle, not weeks or years. maybe millions of years from now, part of los angeles will be in the bay area. >> for better or worse. >> yes. >> this is a tough question.
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>> those other ones weren't tough. >> this is a really easy challenge. are the smaller ones less stress? >> yes. the amount released in small earthquakes is that they are so small in you need many of those. >> i think would you probably have to have maybe hundreds of magnitude earthquakes of 4.7. >> so small earthquakes are not making our lives better in the future? >> not anyway that you can count on. >> i have heard that buildings in san francisco are on rollers and isolated? >> it's not true. it's a conventional foundation like
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almost all the circumstances buildings in san francisco. >> the trans-america was built way before. it's a pretty conventional foundation design. >> i have heard about this thing called the triangle of life and up you are supposed to go to the edge of your bed to save yourself. is there anything of value to that ? >> yes, if you are in your room. you should drop, cover and hold onto something. if you are in school, same thing, kitchen same thing. if you happen to be in your bed, and you rollover your bed, it's not a bad place to be. >> the reality is when we have a major earthquake the ground shaking so pronounced that you are not going to be able to get up and go anywhere. you are pretty much staying where you
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are when that earthquake hits. you are not going to be able to stand up and run with gravity. >> you want to get under the door frame but you are not moving to great distances. >> where can i buy a richter scale? >> mr. richter is selling it. we are going to put a plug in for cold hardware. they are not available. it's a rather complex. >> in fact we don't even use the richter scale anymore. we use a moment magnitude. the richter scale was early technology. >> probably a myth that i hear most often is my building is just fine in the loma prieta earthquake so everything is fine. is that true ?
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>> loma prieta was different. the ground acceleration here was quite moderate and the duration was moderate. so anyone that believes they survived a big earthquake and their building has been tested is sadly mistaken. >> we are planning for the bigger earthquake closer to san francisco and a fault totally independent. >> much stronger than the loma prieta earthquake. >> so people who were here in '89 they should say 3 times as strong and twice as long and that will give them more of an occasion of the earthquake we would have. 10 percent isn't really the threshold of damage.
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when you triple it you cross that line. it's much more damage in earthquake. >> i want to thank you, harvey, thanks pat for (music) >> herb theatre,open rehearsal. listen to the rehearsal. i think it is fun for them, they see our work process, our discussions, the decisions we make. it is good for us. we kind of behavior little bit when we have people in the audience. msk (music) >> we are rehearsing for our most expensive tour; plus two concerts here.
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we are proud that the growth of the orchestra, and how it is expanded and it is being accepted. my ambition when i came on as music director here -- it was evident we needed absolutely excellent work. also evident to me that i thought everyone should know that. this was my purpose. and after we opened, which was a spectacular opening concert about five weeks after that the economy completely crashed. my plan -- and i'm absolutely dogmatic about my plans --were delayed slightly. i would say that in this very difficult timefor the arts and
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everyone, especially the arts, it's phenomenal how new century has grown where many unfortunate organizations have stopped. during this period we got ourselves on national radio presence; we started touring, releasing cds, a dvd. we continue to tour. reputation grows and grows and grows and it has never stopped going forward. msk(music) >> the bay area knows the orchestra. you maybe take things for granted a little bit. that is simply not the case will go on the road. the audiences go crazy. they don't see vitality like this on stage. we are capable of conveying joy when we play.
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msk(music) >> any performance that we do, that a program, that will be something on the program that you haven't heard before. string orchestra repertoire is pretty small. i used to be boxed into small repertoire. i kept constantly looking for new repertoire and commissioning new arrangements. if you look at the first of the program you have very early, young vibrant mendelson; fabulous opener and then you have this fabulous concerto written for us in the orchestra. is our gift. msk(music) >> and then you have strauss,
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extraordinary piece. the most challenging of all. string orchestra work. 23 solo instrument, no violin section, now viola section; everybody is responsible for their part in this piece. the challenge is something that i felt not only that we could do , absolutely could do, but i wanted to show off. i can't tell you how aware i am of the audience. not only what i hear but their vibes, so strong. i have been doing this for a long time. i kind of make them feel what i want them to feel.
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there is nobody in that audience or anywhere that is not going to know that particular song by the fourth note. and that is our encore on tour. by the way. i am proud to play it, we are from san francisco. we are going to play that piece no matter where we are. >> hi today we have a special edition of building san francisco, stay safe, what we are going to be talking about san francisco's earth quakes, what you can do before an earthquake in your home, to be ready and after an earthquake to make sure that you are comfortable staying at home, while the city recovers. ♪
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>> the next episode of stay safe, we have alicia johnson from san francisco's department of emergency management. hi, alicia thanks to coming >> it is a pleasure to be here with you. >> i wonder if you could tell us what you think people can do to get ready for what we know is a coming earthquake in san francisco. >> well, one of the most things that people can do is to make sure that you have a plan to communicate with people who live both in and out of state. having an out of state contact, to call, text or post on your social network is really important and being able to know how you are going to communicate with your friends, and family who live near you, where you might meet them if your home is uninhab hitable. >> how long do you think that
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it will be before things are restored to normal in san francisco. >> it depends on the severity of the earthquake, we say to provide for 72 hours tha, is three days, and it helps to know that you might be without services for up to a week or more, depending on how heavy the shaking is and how many after shocks we have. >> what kind of neighborhood and community involvement might you want to have before an earthquake to make sure that you are going to able to have the support that you need. >> it is important to have a good relationship with your neighbors and your community. go to those community events, shop at local businesses, have a reciprocal relationship with them so that you know how to take care of yourself and who you can rely on and who can take care of you. it is important to have a battery-operated radio in your home so that you can keep track of what is happening in the community around and how you can communicate with other people. >> one of the things that seems important is to have access to your important documents.
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>> yes, it is important to have copies of those and also stored them remotely. so a title to a home, a passport, a driver's license, any type of medical records that you need need, back those up or put them on a remote drive or store them on the cloud, the same is true with any vital information on your computer. back that up and have that on a cloud in case your hard drive does not work any more. >> in your home you should be prepared as well. >> absolutely. >> let's take a look at the kinds of things that you might want to have in your home. >> we have no water, what are we going to do about water? >> it is important for have extra water in your house, you want to have bottled water or a five gallon container of water able to use on a regular basis, both for bathing and cooking as well as for drinking. >> we have this big container and also in people's homes they have a hot water heater. >> absolutely, if you clean
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your hot water heater out regularly you can use that for showering, drinking and bathing as well >> what other things do people need to have aren't their home. >> it is important to have extra every day items buy a couple extra cans of can food that you can eat without any preparation. >> here is a giant can of green giant canned corn. and this, a manual can opener, your electric can opener will not be working not only to have one but to know where to find it in your kitchen. >> yes. >> so in addition to canned goods, we are going to have fresh food and you have to preserve that and i know that we have an ice chest. >> having an ice chest on hand is really important because your refrigerator will not be working right away. it is important to have somebody else that can store cold foods so something that you might be able to take with you if you have to leave your home. >> and here, this is my very own personal emergency supply
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box for my house. >> i hope that you have an alternative one at home. >> oh, i forgot. >> and in this is really important, you should have flashlights that have batteries, fresh batteries or hand crank flashlight. >> i have them right here. >> good. excellent. that is great. additionally, you are going to want to have candles a whistle, possibly a compass as well. markers if you want to label things if you need to, to people that you are safe in your home or that you have left your home. >> i am okay and i will meet you at... >> exactly. exactly. water proof matches are a great thing to have as well. >> we have matches here. and my spare glasses. >> and your spare glasses. >> if you have medication, you should keep it with you or have access to it. if it needs to be refrigerated make sure that it is in your ice box. >> inside, just to point out for you, we